I came up with the idea for this product after my daughter got the IKEA kitchen for Christmas and needed groceries to put in it. All the pretend play groceries I saw in the stores were plastic, junky looking and expensive! So I decided to sit down and make her some myself. Now you can do the same if you buy my customizable PDFs! Your kid(s) will get a kick out of seeing their names on the products. Since they are made from paper they are recyclable, and if they get destroyed, just print them out again from your digital files!

3 Responses to “ Pretend Play Groceries ”

  1. Lourdes Marpin says:

    I bought some of your patterns. I found it so easy to follow instructions even people like me who doesnt speak english well. Im from México city. Congratulations!. Thanks.

  2. Vinnie says:

    HI! Where can I buy the pdf-files?

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