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Hey there fellow felt food crafters – here is a free felt food pattern just for you! This free felt play food tutorial will allow you to make these pretty and yummy looking French Macarons. Macarons (sometimes misspelled ‘macaroons’) are colorful,  light and airy cookies with a crunchy shell that are sandwiched with delicious fruit and cream fillings. These make perfect tea party cookies for your little one, or a great pin cushion for yourself! The cookies measure about 2″ in diameter. Get the free PDF pattern here! Also, be sure to visit my Etsy shop where you can get all the pretty wool felt used to make them and lots of other great felt food patterns! Enjoy this free felt food pattern from sweet emma jean!


colorful felt macarons

My two year old loves pizza. Just loves it. Pretty much won’t eat anything else. So of course I had to make her a felt pizza play set! I’d be cruel if I didn’t, wouldn’t I? Get your pattern now in my etsy shop. Oh and did I mention that this is a very easy set to make? My niece Sienna, who is just 7 years old, helped me sew the samples for this set. S-E-V-E-N. Don’t forget, I also sell the felt to make it, too. You really have no excuses, people… (7!)


We are going to begin carrying a selection of finished felt play food, for those of you who want to buy your tots safe, cute, heirloom quality toys but don’t have the time or (think you don’t have) the skills to make them yourself. First up is a half dozen of these super delicious looking Black and White (a.k.a. Half Moon) cookies. You know them – moist vanilla cookies topped with fudgy chocolate and creamy vanilla frosting. My mouth is watering just describing them!! Get them now in our Etsy shop. Keep checking back, we’ll be selling more foods soon!

…For Ice Cream! Our newest DIY felt play food pattern is now available in our Etsy shop and it’s so darn cute (I have to say)! With this pattern you can make a whole set of ice cream cones, scoops, even the scooper and a pint! The scoops fit into the scooper and are interchangeable on the cones (thank you again, NASA for bringing us the wonder that is Velcro). Easier on the waistline than Ben & Jerry’s (or for you Cape Cod types – the Sundae School) and far less messy than the real thing. Save your baby wipes for other uses and get this for your toddler to play with! 🙂

If you’ve bought our patterns or want to but were dreading hunting for the felt yourself, then you are in luck! Now for all of our patterns you can buy Felt Packs which contain all of the high quality felt you will need to complete the projects. The packs contain full (9″x12″) and/or half sheets of all the colored or stiffened felt required. There is even a special combo pack for both the tacos and fajitas dinner sets. Check them out today!

…from our friends at National Nonwovens (our felt manufacturer of choice)! They have featured our Felt Mexican Food on the cover of their Spring 2011 newsletter and there’s a nice write up about us on page 3. Thanks, Christin and everyone at National Nonwovens!!!

P.S. for anyone in the ‘biz’, they are going to be in Salt Lake City at the Spring 2011 National Quilt Market from May 13-15th. Our festive Mexican food will be on display at their booth, too! Hey-0!


This is super huge. Check it out!! I don’t think it will be up for that long, as they like to rotate the front page’s featured treasuries, but here is a screen capture of it, if you miss out.



Get both our Taco Dinner and Fajita Dinner patterns for one low price! Save $$$ and be the coolest mommy on the planet to boot. Available now on Etsy!

No need to say more. Pattern available now on Etsy!

Why should we adults have all the fun on Cinco de Mayo? Now your toddlers can get in on the action with our Fajita Dinner set. The super easy and fun pattern is for sale now on Etsy!