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These cute little loafers with owls on the toes are perfect for any baby – boy or girl, or if you don’t know yet! For sale now in our Etsy shop.

Two new felt baby shoe styles were released this week. Both feature polka dots and bright and sunny colors to give a big “hello” to summer! Find them in our Etsy shop now.

Perfect for baby’s first Easter, or any ordinary day. These warm and fuzzy bunny loafers will make you and your baby smile. Available now in our Etsy shop.

We got a really nice write-up on www.owlsandpears.com this morning! The blogger is based in London and contacted us through Etsy. The mother of a toddler herself, she fell in love with our baby shoes and lamented the fact that we don’t make any for toddlers. We may just have to work on that!!!!! Please check it out:


Celebrate baby’s first St. Patrick’s Day in style! Why not add the finishing touch with some adorable and comfy felt baby shoes?

While we’ve been busy cobbling away here, we’ve neglected to inform you of the many lovely treasuries on Etsy that our fellow artisans have chosen to include us in. Please check them out!

“Oriental Topaz”

“The Patter of Little Feet”

“If Only…”

“Apples and Oranges”

A relaxing and productive week at the beach means three new shoe designs are up for sale on Etsy today. Please check them out (and buy them… buy lots and lots of them! haha!)

Our little mary janes with cherries have been featured in an Etsy treasury!

Go to Etsy today to see the new loafer we are featuring. It’s creamy white, pale yellow and minty green. Perfect gift for a mommy-to-be who doesn’t know what she is having!