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This is super huge. Check it out!! I don’t think it will be up for that long, as they like to rotate the front page’s featured treasuries, but here is a screen capture of it, if you miss out.



Our Thanksgiving Dinner Felt Play Food Pattern has been featured in two Etsy Treasuries this week. Check them out!

Turkey Time

Looks Good Enough to Eat

While we’ve been busy cobbling away here, we’ve neglected to inform you of the many lovely treasuries on Etsy that our fellow artisans have chosen to include us in. Please check them out!

“Oriental Topaz”

“The Patter of Little Feet”

“If Only…”

“Apples and Oranges”

Our slate blue booties have been featured again in an Etsy treasury!

Our little mary janes with cherries have been featured in an Etsy treasury!